What is the deadline for filing state taxes?

While the deadline for filing federal taxes is the same for all individual taxpayers in the U.S. In the U.S., for state taxes, the deadline for filing state taxes varies from state to state. Many states have a deadline similar to the federal tax deadline, and other states have a later deadline for filing state taxes. Of course, there are some states that don't have personal income taxes, so there are no deadlines to consider.

Read on as we guide you to answer the question: “When is the deadline for paying state taxes? Therefore, if you earn income in the states listed above, you don't have to file any state income tax forms or pay taxes for individual tax returns. You should check with your state's department of revenue to confirm each year's tax due date. Keep in mind that the state deadline may change annually due to weekends and holidays. Here are the deadlines for state returns in states with income taxes.

Deadline for state tax filing: Can I file my state return later? Do you prefer a different way of archiving? No problem: you can find state tax experts with the various ways to file taxes in H&R Block. IRS correspondence and audits can seem a little intimidating. We can help guide you through the process. Tax liabilities, such as penalties, can be confusing.

H&R Block can help you answer all your questions. Find information about tax reform and how it affects you. Where is your refund? How much do you owe? The H&R block can help you find the right answers. What are the current tax rates? Governor, the IRS has a variety of other free options available to help taxpayers, ranging from free assistance at Volunteer Income Tax Assistance and Tax Counseling for the Elderly across the country to the availability of the IRS Free File program.

Most states that have their own income tax filing requirements try to make the deadline the same, but legislation is often needed to make that change. By law, the IRS cannot issue a refund that includes the earned income tax credit or the additional child tax credit before mid-February, although people who qualify can file their returns starting January 24.

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