How much are nj taxes on a car?

According to, the state applies a sales tax of 6,625 percent on the purchase price of any new or used vehicle. To calculate the amount of sales tax you'll pay. The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission will calculate and collect sales tax and issue a sales tax receipt. Certain states may be authorized to collect New Jersey sales tax on your behalf and will automatically apply the correct amount to your purchase.

No sales tax should be paid if they are not authorized to collect them; however, you will have to pay New Jersey sales tax to the owner of the vehicle. When it's time to buy a new vehicle, make sure you're aware of the state sales tax and other related charges, so you're well prepared for all the costs of buying a car. If you are a resident military member stationed out of state and you purchase a vehicle outside of New Jersey but want to obtain the title in New Jersey, you can delay paying sales tax until the vehicle arrives in New Jersey. For a complete overview of sales tax rates in New Jersey, see the official motor vehicle buying guide published by the state of New Jersey.

When buying a used car in the state of New Jersey, you should consider the state's sales tax rates and other charges.

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